Cross Platform Publishing

We make it easy & affordable to:
  • Sell subscription on iOS Newsstand & Google Play
  • No programming skills required, we do all the heavy lifting
  • Get value analytics on your subscribers
  • Get all the features you need, push notifications, bookmarking statistics, registration and more.

Sell Subscriptions

You can create your own Payment Models

Free Publications

Get the widest exposure for your Magazine, Book or Newspaper by offering free subscriptions in Apples newsstand and Google play.

Single Purchases

Give your readers the option of purchasing single issues; this is good for special issues or promotional publications you may want to offer.

Subscription Plans

Sell subscriptions in Apples Newsstand and Google Play, you can offer your readers several different auto renewable subscription plans from six to twelve to twenty four months.

Publish your own magazines, newspaper, or book conveniently online. MediaWire Solutions turns your unique image and branding into a marketable medium for your clients and customers.

We give publishers a way to represent their brand and products, expand their media presence and generate dynamic information about visitors and customers with our Digital Publishing Software that generates native branded apps on ios and android for Phones and Tablets. By generating elegant, functional pages across the most popular user interfaces including iOS and Android, coming soon to Black Berry, Windows and Desktop OS, we give clients an optimized promotional platform and revenue stream. We optimize dynamic publishing across the two largest app stores (ios and android) for any resource with a simple, affordable, easy to use web based system. Begin sharing your marketable information, reinforce your brand, collect vital consumer information and extend your reach natively across the app world.

Contact us today to publish your consumer magazine, B to B Magazine, Books or local and regional newspapers with MediaWire Mobile Digital Publishing.

User Features

Innovative features to bring your publication to the next level.

Social Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Fast and easy email sharing. View videos or listen to audio anywhere, anytime.

Intuitive illustrated help menus throughout the app.

Sophisticated bookmarking. Dual function thumbnail navigation.

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"My experience with the crew at MediaWire has been exceptional. I have been working with them for a number of years using their online product initially and now with Apps. They have developed and subsequently modified to our specific needs, Apps for iOS and Android that we use on a daily basis. We are extremely pleased with the finished product and get comments from our users on a monthly basis at how much they enjoy them. We have been able to use these products to expand the reach of our printed media into markets that we had not previously touched. From technical support to suggestions for improvement, we have always had great response. I look forward to many more years of partnership.."
Mike Burnett,
Pathway Press
"Why did we choose MediaWire over software vendors and other suppliers? One of the main reasons was their customer service. While so many of the other companies either took forever, and/or never responded to our inquiries. We have been pleased with our decision so far!"
Wake Forest University
"MediaWire has proved to be a tremendous asset to our publishing company, allowing us to deliver content to magazine readers digitally, with tons of enhanced benefits including live links, ability to download issues/pages, and video capability! The videos have proved very popular with readers as we can provide instructors' video demonstrations of techniques illustrated in their columns. Not only is MediaWire convenient and easy to administer and share with readers, it has given us the ability to deliver content to anyone who wants it, on the same day… regardless of whether they are a domestic or international subscriber. With the cost of postage these days, not to mention slow delivery in most foreign markets, this has made us the most popular magazine option for our overseas audiences."
Shari Stauch,
Executive Editor, Pool & Billiard Magazine