About Us

MediaWire™ makes it possible for paper content publishers to transform their publications into online magazines or web brochures and to publish them at low costs. It is a solution that was conceived to meet the needs of publishers who publish magazines, newspapers, flyers, catalogues, books, corporative and promotional booklets, etc.
Essentially with one document upload our clients will have the ability to publish to all major app platforms (iOS, Android, coming soon to BB, Windows and Desktop OS’s.

MediaWire™ also offers publishers a way to monetize their publications through a statistical interface that analyzes their visitors’ behaviors. The statistics tool can obtain several data elements, including visit frequency, which publication each user visited, the gender and age range along with the geographic location of the user. Therefore, publishers can learn more about their visitors’ behaviors and thus adapt their market strategies and be aware, in real time, the result of their decisions.

The leveraging of social media is also a big advantage for publishers, our interface allows for the individual to share publications across all major social networking sites, additionally the publisher will also have the ability to post their digital publications across social network sites the second they become available.

MediaWire’s™ product focuses on the three pillars that support a Publisher in delivering digital content while continuing to maintain existing print revenues. We have created a system that produces better deliverability, ease of use for the publisher and reader, and creates additional value to the advertiser. There are many more additional features/services available and planned that will drive value for the user, publisher and advertiser.