Adding Preview Pages

Once in the 'Issue Page' you will see a 'Preview Pages' button. 
Click on 'Preview Page' to enter the tool 

Preview Page Creation tool: 

To select the page you want to include in your preview pages, simply click once on the page thumbnail. 
To deselect a page click another time on the page thumbnail. 
You have a limit of 25 pages you can select. 

1. View All - To view the thumbnails of all the pages in your publication click on 'View All' this is the default view
2. View Selected - To view only the pages you have selected click on 'View Selected' 
3. Selected Page - When a page is selected it will show at full color and have a green number on the top left. 
4. Page not selected - When a page is not selected it will be grayed out and have a white number on the top left.