Adding a Table of Contents 

Once in the 'Issue Page' you will see a 'Table of Contents' button. 
Click on 'Table of Contents' to enter the tool 

Table of Contents Creation tool: 

1. Title - Enter here the title for the TOC item. We recommend you use 60 characters max (including spaces)
2. Select Destination Page - Select from the drop down menu the page the reader should be taken to once they select the TOC Item. A preview of the page selected should show underneath 
3. Add - Click 'add' to include the item in the Table of Contents on the app.
4. Info Area -  Here you will see the image of the page you selected, The title you gave the TOC item and the page number destination
5. Edit - Click on the edit tool to change the title or the destination page once saved.
6. Delete - Click on the X to delete the item from the TOC list. 

* Please note the TOC will be shown before download as a promotion tool, but will be inactive. Once the user download the publication they will have  TOC icon on the top left which they can use at any time to navigate in the PDF