Once in the page, you will have access to the following information and options:

Information- Branded app

Application name: The name of your branded app in our system.

Status in store: You will see an icon for iOS and an icon for Android.
- A blue icon means the app is live in that store
- A gray icon means the app have not been published to the store yet

Last Updated: The last date your app was updated in the stores.

Titles: The number of titles in your branded app.

Issues: The number of issues in your branded app.

Send custom push message

By clicking the 'Send Message' you will be taken to the area below 

Here you can send custom massages to users who have apps with push notification installed 

* Please note we can not guarantee that the message is delivered to all users. This is controlled by the Android and Apple systems*

1. Text Field
Type the custom massage you wish to send to your readers. Note that there is a maximum of 200 characters.

2. Send Message 
By clicking the Send button, the message is delivered to users that have the push notifications enabled. Please Note: Currently we have no way to confirm delivery to devices.