Building a PDF for Web

System Limits to keep in mind

MAX PDF Size: 500MB

MAX Page number: 1500

PDF Requirements & Recommendations

* All the pages must be merged into one single file.

* Use single page crops (no double page spreads) and remove all crop marks.

* All pages need to have the same orientation. Either in Portrait or in Landscape mode.

* Resolution recommendation: 150DPI.

* Make sure the PDF is FULLY FLATTENED (Transparency) or elements may not show as expected.

* All pages must be in the right order. You will not be able to re-order the pages post upload.

* Do not include security settings.

* Avoid using text in the form of images. Use only fonts to display text so that your Flipbook looks sharp even on zoom effect.

* Embed ALL fonts in your publication - Use fonts that are installed on your system AND are permitted to be embedded.

            - Avoid CID fonts if possible as they may not be extracted or displayed properly.

            - Embedded Open Type Fonts (EOT) are not supported for the Desktop platform and will likely not display at all on Flipbook pages.

* Merge all layers and flatten all transparencies.

* Delete clipping paths, if possible, to avoid white ghost lines in your actual PDF, which can show upon conversion.

* No embedded scripts, media (video/audio) or buttons will be maintained post upload to the system.

* PDF Comments will NOT be shown after upload.

* You may create links to pages, mail links or web links in the PDF prior to upload with Adobe link styles. Our system will respect these links and styles. Click here to view documentation on this

* You may use our Enhancement Tool to create all links with our system styles after upload.

PDF Optimization Setting Guidelines

1. These settings may not be optimal for your PDF but can serve as a guideline. ALWAYS ensure that your PDF is displaying content properly prior to uploading it to the Application.

2. Some versions of ACROBAT PRO (ACROBAT X and XI confirmed) have a bug where ANY internal page links in the PDF will be DISCARDED when you optimize the file. If you need internal/page links for your PDF, make sure to create them POST optimization step using Adobe Acrobat OR create them post Upload using our link tool.

*This bug is related to the Transparency option for optimization. Unchecking of the Transparency box in optimization will ensure any important internal page links are maintained. You could then use the Acrobat Preflight > Flatten all transparencies option to correct any transparency conflicts with the PDF.

How to Optimize using Adobe Acrobat PRO

Open Acrobat and the PDF document or specific page. The path to get to PDF optimizer will be different across Acrobat Versions, but on Acrobat Pro X the path is the following: File > Save As > Optimized PDF

How to Optimize using Adobe Acrobat DC

Open Acrobat and the PDF document or specific page. The path to get to PDF optimizer will be different across Acrobat Versions, but on Acrobat DC the path is the following: File > Save As Other > Optimized PDF

See the below screenshots for our recommended Optimization settings:

Acrobat Optimization Setting – Images

Acrobat Optimization Setting - Fonts

Acrobat Optimization Setting - Transparency

Acrobat Optimization Setting - Discard Objects

Acrobat Optimization Setting - Discard User Data

Acrobat Optimization Setting - Clean Up