New Issue

There are two ways to access the "new issue" screen:

1. After the Login process, click on the "New Issue" box and access all info related to the account.
2. From the left-side menu, while in the account, from any page.

Adding a New Issue

1. Browse
Click Browse to select the PDF file you would like to upload from your local machine. The system limits are: PDF Size: 500MB (maximum size); Page number: 1500 (maximum size).

2. Issue Name
Naming the file is required at upload time. The name can be changed at a later date from the page dedicated to the issue.

3. Select Title
Uploading a new PDF is done under a title name. The title must be selected at upload time. Mention is made that the Issues cannot be moved from one Title another after upload.

4. External Id
The external ID will be used in granting access to users within the system via a data base. *Currently this tool is not active but you may add this ID if you like"*

5. Publication Date
A date for the publication is required within our system. This will define the order the issue show in the app. In order to set the order of the issues, as displayed on screen within the application, a publication date must be set. Top issue is the latest one dated. If your app includes paid subscription as a payment type, please note that, for a limited amount of time, the access to issues for the users will be affected.
* This will not publish your issue automatically on the date set, only define the issue order within the app*

6. Issue description
Add a  short description of the issue for the users to see.
*Please add description text as it will soon become a set requirement for the new app designs*
7. Save & Add another
Use this option if you plan to add multiple PDFs to the system.
Once you click this option, your PDF will be uploaded and our system will start to process the file. Upon completion, the system will keep you on the same page to be able to add another issue.

8. Save & Go to Issue
Use this option when you plan on adding a single issue to the system. Once you click this option, your PDF will be uploaded and our system will start to process the file. When Upon completion, the system will take you directly to the page of the newly uploaded file.

9. Auto Linking Tool
Enable this option when you want our system to scrap through your PDF and automatically create links from URL's that it finds.
**DO NOT enable this option if you have already created links in your PDF. 

10. Viewing your Issue
To view your issue you must first wait for the publish button to show up and then publish it. Click here to view documentation on Viewing Your Issue & Bookshelf