Creating Per Page Text View

Once in the 'Enhancement Tools' you will have the ability to a create Per Page Text Views for your readers, creating a better reading experience on text heavy pages.
For more general information about the '
Enhancement Tools' click HERE

Select 'Text View' on the right side of the edit area.

The Text Editing Tool: 

1. Type Navigation - Type the page number you would like to edit. Click 'Enter'.
2. Arrow Navigation - Use the Up & Down arrows to move from page to page.
3. Enable/Disable Text View - If you would like the Text View icon to be shown on the PDF page, giving access to the page text view, set to 'Enable'
    Please note: Disable is the default setting for every page. It is a good idea to edit the text before making it available to the reader in the app.
4. Editing Tools - These tools should be used to format the page text shown below. (Number 5)
5. Text Area - Our system extracts the text from the PDF during upload and shows it here. The text should be checked and formatted as you like.
    Please note: You can also delete the text extracted and paste in your own text from a Word document.
6. Zoom - Use to zoom In & Out on the page preview to the right.
7. Page Preview - Preview image of the page you are currently editing the text for.

Save Your work

As soon as you make an edit within the text area the 'Save' button will appear.
Make sure to 'Save' your changes before moving to the next page or leaving the tool.
You may also hit 'save' as you edit.