Once in the page, you will have access to the following information and options:

1. Select Title
Select the title/s from the drop down menu which you want to included in the report.
If you only have 1 title, it will be the only option in the drop down list.

2. Select Issue/s
Using the drop down menu, narrow down the issues you would like to include in the report.
The issues you will be able to select will depend on which title/s you included in #1.

3. Select Dates
Define the date which you would like to report on.
Please note: Statistics prior to August 2013 are not included in this reporting system currently.

4. Search
Once you have defined all the fields you would like included in the report click 'Submit'
The graph and the table below will reflect the selections defined in steps 1-3.
If you would like to redefine the parameters of the statistics, make new selections in steps 1-3, and click 'Submit' again. 

5. Statistic Graph
The Graph will reflect the selections you have made above.

Light Blue = Downloads (number of times issues were downloaded by a reader. Not unique)
Dark Blue = Views (number of times issues were opened by a reader. Not unique)

Bottom Bar = Title Name
Vertical Bar = Numbers / Quantity

If you need to see Issue specific stats you can do that by selecting only one issues in the report.
All issue statistics are grouped together in the graph and table.

6. Graph Image Export
If you wish to download the image of the graph you have the options of the following file formats:

7. Statistic Table
The Table is a refection of the same numbers seen in the graph with some extra information.

Titles - The title in the report
Total Downloads - Number of downloads
Registered Users - Number of downloads done by Registered Users
Guest Users -
Number of downloads done by Guests